Hello, readers!  My name is Nancy, and I’m Maggie’s pussycat.  Actually, my name isn’t Nancy; that’s just my stage name, which I was given because of my white boots.  I’m not sure what they have to do with anything, considering I have a very nice pair of white mittens as well; I guess it’s just one of those silly human things, like working.  Anyhow, Mommy asked me to tell you how I came to live with her, which is actually pretty silly because I don’t remember it anyhow.  But as long as she’s pouring the food and cleaning the litterbox, I suppose I ought to indulge her, or else I’d have to figure out how to do those things myself, and that would cut into my valuable nap time.

I’m told it all started one day eight years ago, which was four years after Mommy’s last kitty went back to the Moon, which is where we go once we get bored of the Earth and decide not to bother hauling our bodies around any more.  Anyway, she called up the Man Who Sticks You With Pointy Things, who had taken me away from the bad people who send cats back to the Moon before they’re ready to go.  And then she came and got me to live with her and Daddy.  That’s why it’s important that if you want a kitty yourself (and if you don’t, why not?) you should adopt them so the bad people can’t get them, instead of buying one from a store (which is feline trafficking, and you shouldn’t support it).  We lived in one place for a while, then we came to this other place where my friend Erin (who is Grace’s cat) lives.  Most of the time it isn’t nearly as hot as the first place we lived, which is good when you have a thick, beautiful coat like mine.  Oh, and there are dogs here too.  They’re OK I guess, but they sure are noisy and goofy.

Well, that’s all I have to say really, because I’m sure you would much rather look at my beautiful pictures.  I might make another post again sometime, if I feel like it.  See, cats aren’t really bad spellers like those funny pictures try to make you think; it’s just hard for us to type on these little keys with our paws.  Oh, and one more thing:  Mommy asked me to be sure to call your attention to this picture.  I don’t know who that cat is or why he’s wearing the funny hat, so I guess it’s just another weird human thing.  Honestly, sometimes I wonder why we hired y’all to manage the world for us.